Understanding Supply Chain
Data Management, With Tom Fox

Tom Fox Joins Assent’s Regulatory Experts to Discuss the Future of Supply Chain Data
The emerging field of supply chain data management has come a long way since regulations began driving the need for enhanced risk mitigation. Join Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist himself, as he discusses the evolving regulatory landscape with Assent’s team of regulatory experts.

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Tom Fox

Tom Fox has practiced law in Houston for 30 years. He is an independent consultant, assisting companies with anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance, and international transaction issues. He specializes in bringing business solutions to compliance problems. Most recently, he was the General Counsel at Drilling Controls Inc., a worldwide oil field manufacturing and service company. He was previously Division Counsel with Halliburton Energy Services Inc. where he supported the company’s software and downhole divisions.

Guest Presenters

Matt Whitteker

Vice President,


Travis Miller

General Counsel


James Calder

Vice President, Compliance &
Regulatory Programs


Jonathan Hughes

Director, Strategic Relationships


Jared Connors

Senior Subject Matter Expert,
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Kate Dunbar

Senior Business & Human
Rights Analyst


Sarah Carpenter

Business & Human Rights


Series I: Introduction to Supply Chain Data Management

Part 1: Who is Assent?

Travis Miller, Assent’s General Counsel, sits down with Tom Fox to explain how Assent’s cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution helps companies manage supply chain data, engage suppliers, educate stakeholders and suppliers on regulatory and program requirements, and more.

Part 2: Introduction to Supply Chain
Data Management

James Calder, Assent’s Vice President of Compliance & Regulatory Programs, discusses the complexities and costs associated with modern supply chain data management programs, and how companies can future-proof against changes in the regulatory landscape.

Part 3: Development of Supply Chain
Risk Management

Tom Fox sits down with Travis Miller to explore the history of compliance, and discover how operational, financial and reputational risk can threaten business continuity.

Part 4: Failures in Supply Chain Compliance

Jared Connors, Assent’s Senior Subject Matter Expert, CSR describes how some of the largest companies in the world have been impacted by enforcement related to new and expanded CSR and product regulations. You will also learn about compliance costs and best practices.

Part 5: Market Drivers for Continued Legislation

Travis Miller and Tom Fox examine how external stakeholders are influencing business behavior and regulatory legislation, and why these drivers are important in the process of a cultural shift toward ethical sourcing.

The State of Compliance 2019

How much is the demand on compliance teams increasing every year? How does your company compare to those of similar sizes? Find out these answers, and more.

Series II: Maintaining Market Access

Part 1: Introduction to Market Access

With Travis Miller, General Counsel, Assent Compliance. What is market access? How are companies responding to global market access requirements? Join Fox and Assent’s Travis Miller as they discuss best practices in ensuring products get to market effectively.

Part 2: Overview of Trade Compliance & Country of Origin

With Travis Miller, General Counsel, Assent Compliance. Why are of trade compliance and Country of Origin important to companies this year? What are the biggest challenges, and why is there a backlash against free trade activity? Join Fox and Miller as they discuss what companies are doing to proactively prepare for an uncertain global business climate, and the possibility of a long-term trade war.

Part 3: The Value of Continuous Monitoring

With Jared Connors, Senior Subject Matter Expert, CSR, Assent Compliance. Join Fox and Jared Connors as they discuss the value of ongoing adverse media monitoring, the sorts of risk screenings companies should be screening for, and how to deploy these strategies in conjunction with existing processes and client expectations.

Part 4: Federal Acquisition Regulation Flow-Downs

With Travis Miller, General Counsel, Assent Compliance. Miller returns to Fox’s podcast series to talk about government contracting and the challenge of complying with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements, including how obligations have evolved over the past year, and how companies are responding.

Part 5: Geography-Based Product Compliance Requirements

With James Calder, Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Programs, Assent Compliance. Fox is joined by James Calder, who evaluates product compliance requirements such as REACH, RoHS and Proposition 65 from a geographical approach.

Budgeting for Compliance in 2019

Make essential business decisions needed for compliance success with our Budgeting for Compliance in 2019 eBook.

Series III: The Impacts of Emerging Regulations

Part 1: The Human Trafficking & Slavery Landscape

With Kate Dunbar, Senior Business & Human Rights Analyst, Assent Compliance. Tom Fox is joined by Assent’s Kate Dunbar, who provides an overview of the human trafficking and slavery landscape. She’ll also discuss how internal requirements and stakeholder expectations evolve, causing businesses to discover risks and opportunities.

Part 2: Broader Supplier Risk Management Program

With Jared Connors, Senior Subject Matter Expert, CSR, Assent Compliance. Assent’s Jared Connors joins Tom Fox to discuss the risks companies evaluate during supplier onboarding, the issues they often miss and best practices for more effectively addressing risk with minimal resources.

Part 3: What’s Your CSR Value Proposition?

With Sarah Carpenter, Manager, Business & Human Rights, Assent Compliance. Assent’s Sarah Carpenter discusses how the value of CSR programs has evolved in recent years, why this change is occurring and how businesses have responded to the shift in the marketplace.

Part 4: The Current State of Responsible Minerals

With Jared Connors, Senior Subject Matter Expert, CSR, Assent Compliance. Why are companies beginning to look beyond conflict minerals? What were the most talked about issues in responsible mineral sourcing in the last year? Jared Connors returns to explore the current state of mineral sourcing.

Part 5: Series Wrap Up

With Jon Hughes, Director, Strategic Relationships, Assent Compliance. Assent’s Jon Hughes and Tom Fox close out the series by evaluating the risks of doing nothing, and the biggest market drivers for companies to engage third-party platforms to maintain compliance.

Human Trafficking, Slavery & Your Supply Chain

Learn about global human trafficking and slavery laws, and actionable steps you can take to meet your company’s regulatory requirements and mitigate risk.

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